Keycraft have just installed a 12′ x 9′ garden shed. We ordered it on 2nd August to replace an existing shed , also from Keycraft 4 years ago which we sold on. We were told that it would be ready to deliver on 29th October, which suited us as we had to extend to paved area to support the new shed and get the original shed sold. The extension to the paved area was done by a local paving firm and they pointed out that there was a slope on the original paved area. We contacted Keycraft and they sent out an inspector who said that the installers would bring suitable pieces of wood to pack under the shed floor before the rest of the work was done. Duly on the 29th October the crew of two arrived, put down the floor, with packing pieces and then built the rest of the shed, then they lined it, tidied up and then presented the card machine. We happily paid because the work was done as per the original order and it is exactly what we wanted, a well built and installed shed.